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What should you list as a registered business address

Whether you're starting a side hustle from home or a new company in a new office, you'll need to register your business address. We've put together some things you should think about when registering your business address.

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When you’re going through the process of registering your business in the UK, you’ll be asked to provide a registered business address. 

Why do I need to provide a registered business address?

In the UK all private limited companies must have a registered address

Your registered business address is the official address that places such as Companies House will send any information to, so you need to make sure it is somewhere you have regular access to. 

It’s important to keep your address up to date so that you don’t miss any information or documents that you will need or that may be time-sensitive. 

What if I don’t have an office?

According to your registered address needs to be;

  • A physical address in the UK

  • In the same country that your business is registered in, for example a company registered in Scotland must have a registered business address in Scotland.

This means that you don’t need an official office or business premises to register your business. You can use your home address or a P.O. box, making sure you provide a full address and postcode. 

The address you register for your business will be made publically available on the online register so it might not be the best idea to use your home address. You could use a P.O. box, the address of the person who manages your Corporation Tax (get their permission first) or appoint an agent who will provide you with a registered address. 

If you have an accountant, they may also provide a registered address service. Speak to your accountant to see if they offer this and how much they charge. Your solicitor or lawyer may also provide the same service. 

How do I register my business address?

You must register your business address at the same time you register your company with Companies House. To find out more about how to do this click here.

How do I change my registered business address? 

If you decide you need to change your registered business address, you have to let Companies House know so that they can make sure any correspondence is sent to the right place. 

To update your address with them, you can either let them know online or fill out form AD01 and send it back via post. You have to let them know within 14 days of the move happening. Sending the form back via post will take longer so leave yourself enough time for the form to arrive within the 14 days. 

What else do I need to do to register as a limited company in the UK?

You can find our full guide for registering as a limited company here

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